The Fed as a “Secret Combination” and Harry Reid’s Standing in the Mormon Church

Strike a pose.
Strike a pose.

If it isn’t clear from previous posts, I’m a Mormon. I believe in the doctrines taught, the leaders that lead, and the power of God I have felt each time I engage in study in the Bible and Book of Mormon. Personal experience and struggling with questions of faith have gotten me where I am in that relationship.

I can also understand if people choose not to believe. In the space of uncertainty that is faith, we have a great amount of agency.

I do, however, have a sense of humor when I spot ridiculousness. This week, something of a weird hybrid of my personal and professional lives poked its head out of the “information superhighway” :

Petition for the Excommunication of Senator Harry Reid

All I can say is that I’m glad it’s gotten so few signatures (although the current 2,500 is still sad) and that people have been swift in their condemnation of the attempt to turn religious conviction into a political game or to egregiously conflate the two. We don’t believe in mob rule, and we don’t believe in salvation by ballot.

Church discipline is a serious topic to Mormons. Our connection to Christ is dependent in a very real way on promises we make to him through ordinances.

That said, all I can do as I read through the petition is shake my head, because… well, here is an excerpt:

“Support for Secret Combinations: Our Scriptures, and the teachings of Church Authorities, warn against “Secret Combinations;” Conspiracies of men bound by oaths to act in secret against the interests of the people… The United States Federal Reserve operates as a Secret Combination. Since becoming Senator Majority Leader, he has obstructed all attempts to audit the Federal Reserve; an audit supported by 80% of the American people.”

WHOA! I had no idea I worked at an organization that acts in secret against the interests of people… [sarc] You don’t just go throwing around language like that willy-nilly. That’s equating economic analysts to something like Al Qaeda. You don’t get to just lob that grenade out there to the internet and expect people to not take some shrapnel or be angry at you for doing it. It’s pretty insulting to the wonderful people I work with on a daily basis.

I’m a little conflicted. Part of me is sad that all this is out there. But the other part of me hopes this is all a farce.

At least then I’d feel better about laughing.


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